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The Island Mix Up

The Island Mix Up

It wasn’t just me. We were all a bit confused when we walked over the long boardwalk and caught view of the ocean. Our intention was to go to Oak Island, North Carolina. In fact, I was sure we were on Oak Island because we had just climbed the first 12 ships ladder stairs of the Oak Island Lighthouse.

I was in a dress so I made my friend Erin climb behind me on the way up and before me on the way down so that I wasn’t indecent in front of a stranger. If I had known this lighthouse had ships ladder stairs instead of a spiral staircase I would have chosen a different ensemble for the day.

Who am I kidding? I didn’t know what ships ladder stairs were until I saw them! They are much more ladder than stair and it was a bit awkward, but well worth the climb to see the inside of a very unique lighthouse that is still active.

After our tour we walked across the street to a boardwalk that went over the sand dunes and toward the ocean. The boardwalk was similar to a switch back on a mountain road and when I turned the corner and crested the dunes I was instantly transported to another place and time.

Oak Island transformed before my eyes into Prince Edward Island with all of its wild beauty. The ocean wind was strong and I was suddenly one with Anne of Green Gables. I could almost see Anne Shirley and Diana Barry standing in the wind in the midst of the tall grasses while gazing into the ocean and having a heart to heart.

I soaked in the view, snapped a few photographs, and thanked God for a Diana Barry of my own. As true kindred spirits, all it took was one look at each other and we knew that we weren’t the only one who heard whispers of Anne and Diana in the wind.

Erin and I had taken this journey together, and Lord-willing, perhaps one day we shall take a trip to the real Prince Edward Island. In the meantime, we enjoyed this special treat with her family on the mixed up island at the beach.

And that, my friends, is how I captured The Island Mix Up. (Click to Tweet.)

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