The Windblown Blue Jay

The Windblown Blue Jay

The Windblown Blue Jay

It was a blustery October evening when my eye spotted something blue flash by outside. I walked over to the kitchen door and peeked through the slits in the window blinds to see what I could see. There, perched atop the tallest pine tree was a big blue jay.

The poor thing was windblown, exposed to the elements as he was. I didn’t expect him to stay there for long, but I ran and grabbed my camera anyway. To my surprise, when I got back to the window he was still there.

Snapping the cap off the lens I adjusted the settings and prayed he was still there. To my delight, there he sat, swaying in the wind.

I creaked the heavy door open and caught the screen door in the wind. I stood there for a minute, holding my breath, hoping my breathing and slight movements wouldn’t scare him away.

That blue jay just sat there, perched to the tallest branch of the tallest pine tree. Easing closer to the second story railing I slowly raised the camera to my eye. Snapping away, I photographed the silly bird who seemed to thoroughly enjoy the wind blowing through his hair and the ensuing birdie mohawk.

And that, my friends, is the story of how I captured The Windblown Blue Jay. Click to Tweet.

Until we meet again,


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