Days Gone By

Days Gone By

I’m feeling nostalgic. Two years ago I was able to attend a writer’s conference near the quaint little mountain town of Black Mountain, North Carolina.

I’m feeling nostalgic. Tomorrow I begin a new adventure to an old haunt. It’s the same conference, in the same location, with many of the same people, yet I know it will be a completely different experience.

I’m feeling nostalgic. Memories fill my heart and mind as Facebook Memories reminds me of all the ways God worked in my life at the 2015 Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writer’s Conference. I wonder how He’ll work this year. My stomach tightens with excited nerves as I think about the friends I’ll be reunited with, the new friends waiting to be met, the lessons waiting to be learned, and the ways God will bless me so that I can be a blessing to others.

I’m feeling nostalgic. I hope the cute little cafe’ in my favorite mountain town is still open so I can order the delicious sandwich I still think about from time to time. In my mind’s eye I stroll the streets of Black Mountain, wonder what has changed and what has stayed the same.

I’m feeling nostalgic. I wonder if this cute old truck still sits in a back alley around the corner from the cafe’. I think about the first time I spotted it, walking back to the car after filling my tummy with deliciousness. Rusted and worn, there it sat, resting in front of a brick wall that’s just as old.

I’m feeling nostalgic. I wonder how many roads this truck has driven, how many sites it has seen. I wonder about the places it has gone and the people it has met, even as I wonder about the places God will take me and the people I will meet along the way. I had to capture this memory, for myself and for my mom, a lover of cute, old trucks!

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P. S. (Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be posting lots of photographs of the mountains during the writer’s conference and the beach while on vacation. Keep an eye on my social media pages for the latest! Facebook Instagram Twitter)

A Mother’s Love

Cheers to the greatest mom I know! (Photo credit: Randy Siler)

Happy Mother’s Day weekend to my mom, Annie! Today we were both tuckered out and not feeling very well, but we were still able to do one of our favorite things. We took a stroll through her picturesque gardens.

A Love on the Line

My mom grows the most beautiful flowers, and some of our favorites are just starting to bloom. The first flowers that caught my eye were the bleeding hearts. Such a horrible name for such a beautiful flower! Today there was a bumblebee buzzing around and I caught his buzz-y little wings working hard!

The Bumble in the Bee

We worked our way through the first garden and meandered over to the garden along the road. This is where our favorites live – the lilacs! They were just beginning to flower and they smelled divine. Ahhhh, how I wish I could take a scratch and sniff photo for you 🙂

The Love in the Lilacs

Growing next to the lilacs is a tree. I’m sorry to say I don’t remember what kind it is, but every spring it gets these delicate little buds that are so pretty. I took this shot over my head – one of my favorite kinds of photos – so that you can see the clear blue sky.

The Upside in the Down

Finally, we made our way to the other side of the house and across the street to see another tree bursting with big, beautiful blooms. One side of the tree was too sunny and not good for photos. The other side of the tree was nicely shaded, but boring. So we ducked under the branches and found a glorious world of light and color amidst the branches. Surrounded by pinks and greens, a single golden leaf burst forth to reflect the glimmering sun. Que the choir music!

A Golden Surprise

Today I’m thankful that I got to spend time with my mom and the beautiful flowers God made and entrusts to her expert care. I’m pretty sure I didn’t inherit her green thumb so that I would get to go and spend time with my mom in her gardens!

When I think about how abundantly and unconditionally my mom loves me I’m blown away because I know that it’s just a drop in the bucket to how much God loves me. Mom, thanks for giving me a taste of God’s love here on earth. You truly are remarkable!

I know Mother’s day isn’t a happy day for everyone. I pray that God will bless you in your joy and comfort you in your pain. Praise Him that His mercies are new every morning. Great is His faithfulness!

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A Dream in a Box

A Dream in a Box

Sometime dreams arrive at your front door in a plain cardboard box. A couple of weeks ago I got a shipment of books. But these aren’t just any books, these books are very special.

I carefully opened the box and lovingly took out a book, a compilation of articles, short stories, and poems written by 20 different authors. Slipping it out of the protective plastic, I rubbed my fingers across the cover and giggled excitedly.

I flipped open the book and scoured the pages, selfishly looking for my own words. It didn’t take long for me to find them. There they were, beautifully printed in black ink upon real paper. My very own words, in print. Wow!

Next to my words rests a photograph that I took of myself a few years back. Like the priest says in The Princess Bride, it was “a dweam wifin a dweam!” My words and my photos – both published!

I couldn’t stop grinning as I flipped through the rest of the book, looking for one more photograph I had taken. I found this one toward the back of the book along side a short story. It’s a photograph of a blue blanket on a bed. Nothing too spectacular, but it’s mine!

Breaking the Chains: Strategies for Overcoming Spiritual Bondage is now available in paperback and ebook through Amazon. I don’t know how long it will last, but Amazon has dropped the price of the paperback.

If you would like to read a bit more about the book and see all of the contributing authors, visit our publisher, Lighthouse Bible Studies.

I’d be honored if you’d take a look and see if any of the 25+ topics covered would be helpful to you or someone you know. Spiritual freedom is possible and we’d love to help you find it!

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