A Tiger’s Spots

A Tiger's Spots

A Tiger’s Spots

I need some warmth. The weather in western Wisconsin has been a bit indecisive as of late. Today it’s cold and blustery. The pretty fall leaves are dropping off the trees and blowing all over the yard. It’s a good day to curl up by the fireplace and do some writing.

Every year when winter is about to strike I go into denial. I fight getting out my warmer coats, I pretend the temperatures aren’t really going to drop to well below freezing, I try to forget that soon it will be snow blowing into my windows instead of leaves, and I question why I live in a place that gets so very cold.

But the truth is I love this place. I love experiencing all four seasons. I love the fresh crisp air of fall and the vibrant colors of the changing leaves. I love the snow when it piles high and I get stuck inside drinking hot chocolate and baking cookies. I love the smell of spring in the air and the muddy puddles as winter melts into a distant memory. I love the rolling green hills of summer and the flowers that bring so much happiness and cheer.

But today? Today I’m indulging my denial of the cold and sharing with you a slice of summers past. Some photographs have fun and exciting stories while others have a more ordinary story. The day I captured A Tiger’s Spots was like any other summer day. I found myself wandering around the edges of my mom’s gardens looking for shiny little treasures.

Lilies aren’t my favorite flowers, but I do love the spotted Tiger Lily. They are so bright and bold, just stunning. It didn’t take me long to work my way over to these little lovelies. I spent some time capturing them from above, but if you know Tiger Lilies you know they like to hang their heads.

So like any decent photographer I got down on their level, and then hunkered down even more, to get the shot that highlighted their beauty. They smiled pretty and rewarded me with a gorgeous shot.

And that, my friends, is the story of how I captured A Tiger’s Spots. (Click to Tweet!)

Some of our stories are similar to this one. We don’t all live exciting and glamorous lives, but God has created each of us as special and unique individuals. Each of our stories hold their own beauty and are worth being told. So let’s all act like good photographers and make the extra effort to look for the beauty in others. It’s there, if we’ll only take the time to stop and look!

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The Rift in Time

The Rift in Time

The Rift in Time

There I was, sitting in possibly the very same carriage my parents had ridden in 45 years ago on their honeymoon. My friend Erin and I were about to enter The Lost Canyon in Wisconsin Dells, WI. It was a cool fall day and we were ready for the first big adventure of our mini-vacation.

The carriage was filled up with an older couple, ourselves, and a family with cute, entertaining, and well-behaved kids. Oh, and the driver of course.

Erin and I arrived early so we got first dibs on where to sit. Much to Erin’s dismay I chose the very front, right next to the driver and behind the exhaust end of the two horses pulling the large carriage. Thankfully they were wearing “collection bags” so I wasn’t too concerned with unwanted fertilizer flying in our faces.

I have to admit, I chose well. The driver was nice and funny – but not obnoxious or creepy which was a huge plus for us! And the seats? They were perfect. I was able to capture the beauty of the canyon without the backs of heads in every photograph.

As we began our journey through the canyon I didn’t know what to expect. My parents had told us all about their wild ride through the canyon, but ours was slow-paced and peaceful. Our driver thought my parent’s wild ride all those years ago was, perhaps, unintentional!

We learned all about the canyon as we wound our way through the tall sandstone cliffs. The canyon is the longest and deepest canyon in Wisconsin and I have to say it is quite spectacular.

I was challenged by the need to continually adjust the settings on my camera in time to capture the photograph I saw before me, or above me. Light and dark, sunshine and deep shadows all played against the perfect photograph – until they played right into it.

Toward the end of our journey through The Lost Canyon we needed to squeeze through the deep and narrow crevice that first brought us into the canyon. This required great skill by the driver and the horses, and I needed to lean in toward the center of the carriage so I wouldn’t scrape my head against the side of the cliff.

As I leaned in, I looked up and saw a what looked like a rift in time. I knew the lighting would play into my love of silhouettes if I could get the shot. I quickly adjusted my settings, focused on the greenery beyond, and snapped the perfect photograph.

The towering sandstone cliffs stand guard over The Lost Canyon beyond. If you can find your way through the narrow rift you will find yourself transported back to a time of simply beauty and peace – unless you’re like my parents and the horses take you on a wild ride, which is a whole different kind of adventure!

And that, my friends, is the story of how I captured The Rift in Time. (Click to Tweet!)

My only regret is that the leaves had just started to change when we were there. The good news for you is that if you are able to go in the next couple of weeks, they should be spectacular. My thanks to Lost Canyon Tour for an incredible experience!

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The Local Coffee House


Hi friends! A quick update on this beautiful Friday. My photography is now available for sale at Knapp, Stout, & Company Coffee House in picturesque Downsville, WI.

I stopped by today and dropped off a few more things, including this beautiful fall metal print and a calendar of photos taken right in Downsville.

If you find yourself in west-central Wisconsin, stop by and do a little shopping! Grab a cup of coffee and browse the unique consignment items while waiting for your breakfast or lunch order. The food is delicious, and they have excellent gluten-free options.

On an unrelated note, my good friend is visiting me and we’re going on an adventure next week! Make sure you follow me on Instagram and Twitter for fun vacation photos. @josie_siler

Until we meet again,