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I have some amazing news to share with you soon. My newsletter subscribers will get to hear all about it first. If you’re not getting my monthly newsletter you can remedy that here

I’m trying something new and I’d love for you to check it out. I started a YouTube channel where I’ll be sharing very short videos I’m calling Snapshots. They’re a combination of beautiful photographs or videos accompanied by me reading a short piece of Scripture. I try to keep them all under a minute and I hope they will be a moment of peace in your busy day. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel here

I’m love being a Contributing Writer for I’ve written 6 articles so far and 5 have been published. One is being saved for closer to Easter. I’m going to start publishing the first paragraphs of my articles here on my blog and linking to the full article so you don’t miss out on any of the fun! Those will post every Tuesday morning. I have 3 more article assignments to work on in the coming weeks and I look forward to sharing with you the words God lays on my heart. 

I’m also Our Wisconsin Magazine‘s new Field Editor for Dunn County. I’m currently working on two pieces for the magazine and if they get published I will definitely let you know! If you would like to subscribe to this fantastic print magazine, you can do so here

What I’m Working On

So many new things mentioned above, plus I’m still working on book proposals! With one done, I am starting work on two more. I need to put together a book proposal for another picture book as well as an adult devotional. 

Books in the Wild

I’m one of twenty authors who have joined forces in this compilation to offer strategies for spiritual freedom by sharing personal stories, meaningful Bible verses, and chain-breaking principles. There are even some short stories. Discover the strategies you need to break free from spiritual bondage and to form your own battle plan for victory. With God’s work and our cooperation, strongholds can crumble, chains can be broken, and freedom can usher in God’s peace and joy.

Breaking the Chains won a 2018 Selah finalist award at the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference, and it was one of nine books featured in the 2018 Bible Study Expo.

My contribution is entitled Pride’s Dirty Little Secret. I also have a couple of photographs published in this wonderful compilation.

For more information on the book, visit Lighthouse Bible Studies.

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