The Cheerful Flowers

The Cheerful Flower

The Cheerful Flowers

Hello Friend! Just popping in to say I’m going dark for a while. On Sunday I tripped and fell in my driveway and hurt myself pretty badly. I have a concussion and pretty bad whiplash from my head bouncing off the concrete, among other milder injuries.

It has been a rough week and I had to go back to the doctor today. I got some wonderful new meds that will help me get the rest I need in order to heal. Basically all I’m allowed to do is sit in a dark room and nap. (Shhh, don’t tell anyone I jumped on here quick!)

I’ll be back when I get permission from my Doc to read and write again. In the meantime, enjoy this flower from a bouquet a friend sent me, be blessed, and for Heaven’s sake, don’t bounce your head off any concrete!

Until they let me out of my dark little hole,