Sunny Days

Do you love sunflowers as much as I do? They’re so happy and cheerful and have the power to brighten the dreariest day.

This week I’ve been struggling with my health. I’m detoxing a bunch of heavy metals and mold and it’s not pleasant in the least. In the midst of it all, I received a surprise invitation.

A local business sent me a message saying they had a last minute artist cancellation and asking if I would be interested in being the featured artist for the month of August.

Of course I was! But there was a catch. I had just a few days to prep and deliver everything. I said yes and got to work.

This afternoon I dropped off 22 of my favorite photography pieces. They’ll hang them up and have them on display all month. There are framed prints, canvas prints, metal prints, and a wooden print. There are small pieces, medium pieces, and one really large piece which I hope sells (and kind of hope doesn’t so I can keep it)!

If you’re local, stop by Vino Cappuccino in Elk Mound, WI during the month of August to see my photography and pick out a piece to take home with you. I am doing a special of 20% off ALL of my prints that are on display at Vino Cappuccino during the month. That’s a great deal, especially on some of the larger items.

I’m so thankful that my parents pitched in and helped me get everything prepared this week. I couldn’t have done it without them!

Even in the midst of a week of not feeling well, God gave me a beautiful gift. His love shines brighter than the sunflowers He gives us to brighten our difficult days.

How has God brightened your days this week? I’d love to know! Drop me a note in the comments and let’s celebrate beauty in the midst of trials.

Until next time,


God’s love shines brighter than the sunflowers He gives us to brighten our difficult days.

17 thoughts on “Sunny Days

  1. Remind me to share my “Son”Flowers story with you one day Ms. Josie. Wish I was in northern IL once again, just so I could drive up and see your fabulous artwork. Praying a great success ma’am; however that’s defined for you. Praying God’s will throughout your life.

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