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The Fluttering Giant

The Fluttering Giant

Pulling into my parent’s driveway, I park my car in the little slot at the end next to the road. Throwing my keys into my purse, I put the strap over my shoulder, collect everything off the passenger’s seat that I want to bring in the house, put the purse strap back over my shoulder, and get out of the car.

Of course, my purse falls off my shoulder and I struggle awkwardly to put it back in place and not drop the armful of things balancing within the grasp of my left arm.

Yes, I’m a bit frazzled.

Walking along the hot driveway, I squint against the sun and admire the flowers growing along the way.  I’ll never tire of the beauty my mom so artfully grows or the little critters that come to play amongst the blooms.

Speaking of Mom, she pops up out of the garden where she’s working and heads my way. We chat as we walk toward the house, but it’s butterfly season so I keep an eye out. It doesn’t take long for a giant swallowtail to capture my attention.

Mom and I spot it at the same time and head over for a closer look. As we walk, I slide my hand in my purse and grab my cellphone. I’m thankful that my phone allows me to pull up the camera with two quick taps of the home button.

Our chatting lowers to a whisper as we near the fluttering beauty. It’s loving the massive growth of phlox, flittering from one flower to the next, soaking up the sweet nectar.

I slowly raise the phone and start snapping. The giant swallowtail decides to play with me and flutters closer to my camera lens. After a few more shots, I slide my phone back in my purse; Mom and I turn toward the house chatting about how close the giant let us get, and the giant flutters on in its happy phlox-filled paradise.

It isn’t an extraordinary moment, but it’s a beautiful one that reminds me keep my eyes open. It’s easy to get bogged down with the normal everyday things in life, but God has surrounded us with beauty. It’s ours to enjoy, if we’ll take the time to notice and appreciate the gift.

And that, my friends, is how I captured The Fluttering Giant. (Click to Tweet!)

What beauty have you noticed lately?

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