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Days Gone By

Days Gone By

I’m feeling nostalgic. Two years ago I was able to attend a writer’s conference near the quaint little mountain town of Black Mountain, North Carolina.

I’m feeling nostalgic. Tomorrow I begin a new adventure to an old haunt. It’s the same conference, in the same location, with many of the same people, yet I know it will be a completely different experience.

I’m feeling nostalgic. Memories fill my heart and mind as Facebook Memories reminds me of all the ways God worked in my life at the 2015 Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writer’s Conference. I wonder how He’ll work this year. My stomach tightens with excited nerves as I think about the friends I’ll be reunited with, the new friends waiting to be met, the lessons waiting to be learned, and the ways God will bless me so that I can be a blessing to others.

I’m feeling nostalgic. I hope the cute little cafe’ in my favorite mountain town is still open so I can order the delicious sandwich I still think about from time to time. In my mind’s eye I stroll the streets of Black Mountain, wonder what has changed and what has stayed the same.

I’m feeling nostalgic. I wonder if this cute old truck still sits in a back alley around the corner from the cafe’. I think about the first time I spotted it, walking back to the car after filling my tummy with deliciousness. Rusted and worn, there it sat, resting in front of a brick wall that’s just as old.

I’m feeling nostalgic. I wonder how many roads this truck has driven, how many sites it has seen. I wonder about the places it has gone and the people it has met, even as I wonder about the places God will take me and the people I will meet along the way. I had to capture this memory, for myself and for my mom, a lover of cute, old trucks!

I’m feeling nostalgic, and that, my friends, is how I captured Days Gone By. (Click to Tweet.)

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P. S. (Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be posting lots of photographs of the mountains during the writer’s conference and the beach while on vacation. Keep an eye on my social media pages for the latest! Facebook Instagram Twitter)

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