The Tower in the Trees

The Tower in the Trees

Lately we’ve had a smattering of warm weather, glorious sunshine, and bright blue skies mixed in with the gloomy clouds. I’m taking advantage of every one of these nice days!

I’ve been trying to exercise more, and because I need a little (okay, that’s a lie – I need a lot) of motivation and accountability, I’ve been walking with my parents. They live just a couple of miles from me so we’ve been meeting up and walking the Red Cedar Trail.

On our first walk earlier this week we spotted a large eagle perched upon a low branch way across the Red Cedar River. I took pictures of the river, the old railway bridge, and lots of trees. As we walked along the riverbank we reminisced about fishing there when I was a kid, and my dad fishing there when he was a kid.

The fresh air was delightful, the old dead leaves were crunchy beneath our feet, and prickly bushes reached out and tried to grab us as we invaded their space.

We were heading out of the woods and back to the trail when I spotted a unique sight. I headed over to explore and discovered a tall tree stump covered in scales. Well, not really, but that’s what they looked like! Something had also been pecking perfectly round holes in the side of the stump. It was so fun and strange!

I snagged some photos while mom came over to see what I had discovered. After getting our fill of the fungi we headed over to see what dad was pointing at. He’d discovered something too!

Hikes in the woods are fantastic exercise and they’re so much more fun than regular old walking. We’re blessed to have the beautiful Red Cedar Trail so close to home and we look forward to many more treks upon it, and around it, this year!

And that, my friends, is how I captured The Tower in the Trees. (Click to Tweet!)

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