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The Muck in the Murk

The Muck in the Murk

The Muck in the Murk

Last Saturday started out like any other. Dad and I took a little drive to the next big town over to drool over handguns and see if they had anything we needed. The trip wasn’t a total bust. They had one of the handguns I had my eye on at the indoor shooting range and I was able to rent it and fire off a few rounds. It wasn’t what I was looking for, but you can’t have a bad day when you get a little shooting in!

Driving home on the interstate we had our eyes peeled for a snowy owl that was rumored to be in the area, eagles, or anything else interesting. As we drove across the river we saw a bunch of birds camped out on the ice. We thought we saw something extra interesting too.

“Was that a baldy?” Dad asked, referring to a Bald Eagle.

“I think so!” I replied.

“Should we go check it out?”

“Of course!”

So we went on a little adventure to see if we could find a road that would take us close to the river. We ended up finding a wonderful little park that we didn’t even know existed.

We traipsed through the snow in our shirtsleeves and enjoyed the unusually warm February temperatures. We found a fantastic bridge, lots and lots of geese, a tree with bark that looked like an owl, and all sorts of other interesting things, but no eagles.

When my fingers started to get cold we headed for the car, not too disappointed. On our way out we discovered another small road that did a loop in another part of the park. Since we were in the Jeep we decided to drive the loop and see if there were any more fun discoveries to be discovered.

“Wait, stop here!” I instructed as I eyed up the perfect spot to get some photos of the geese on the mostly frozen river. There was a section of concrete protruding out of the riverbank. It had three sides, the open side facing the river. It was short enough for me to climb on and wide enough for me to walk on, perfect!

I got my photographs of the river and the geese and then I looked straight down into the water. I thought it looked interesting so I took a shot. There is something fascinating about this simple photograph and it turned out to be my favorite (photography) shot of the day.

This photograph reminds me to stop and look around so I don’t miss what’s right in front of me. I’m reminded that God can take the muckiest and murkiest of circumstances and turn them into something beautiful!

A little murkiness, a little muck, some sticks, a few rocks, lots of water, and a glint of sunshine turned a dirty old riverbank into a beautiful work of abstract art.

And that, my friends, is how I captured The Muck in the Murk. (Click to Tweet!)

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