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The Shadow in the Shade

The Shadow in the Shade (Note: This photo has been cropped and only slightly edited for sharpness and color. The deer was not photoshopped)

The Shadow in the Shade

What was that? Was something out there, or was it just my imagination running wild again? My curiosity got the best of me; I grabbed my cell phone to check the backyard security camera. Was something there, creeping around the edge of the shadows? I couldn’t quite tell.

I was warm and comfortable and didn’t want to get up, but I was also curious. I enjoy watching wildlife and it was a nice bright night; if something was out there I’d have a good view.

But I’d been fooled before. On several occasions I was sure I saw a deer, or several, on my security cameras only to look out the window and see nothing. One night I would have sworn a giant buck stood just outside my window. When I got up to look, nothing.

Security camera proving inconclusive, I strained my ears for the faintest sound. There it was again! Soft, but audible, a thumping and scratching noise. Either the shadows were real or my eyes and ears were both deceiving me.

Deciding it was worth it, I was fully awake now anyway, I got up to take a gander out the window and see what I could see. At first glance I didn’t see anyone or anything. The moon was bright and I could see clearly, yet there were no mystery shadows or even a hint of movement where the sound had been coming from.

I widened my gaze and that’s when I saw what I thought I had seen. Standing there, tall and proud in the shade of my big tree, was the culprit. I put my phone tight up to the glass and hit the camera button. Ah-ha! I caught you!

I stepped away from the window for just a few seconds, so as not to spook my spook. When I looked back, the culprit was gone. The field, empty. The other field, empty. My neighbor’s yard, empty. My other neighbor’s yard, empty.

Huh. That was strange. Well, at least I got a photo. I opened the gallery on my phone and pulled up the photograph. Now isn’t that something; maybe it had been just my imagination after all.

And that, my friends, is the story of how I captured The Shadow in the Shade… or did I? (Click to Tweet!)

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Note: The photo above has been cropped and only slightly edited for sharpness and color. This is what came out of my camera; it’s not a Photoshop trick. If you know how this image was made possible, please don’t spoil it for others!

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