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The Snowy Ravine

The Snowy Ravine

The Snowy Ravine

We’re experiencing quite the heat wave in Wisconsin so I thought this week I’d remind us of what’s to come. In a few short months we’ll find ourselves buried in snow, much like the day I took this photograph.

I had heard about a ravine just a couple of blocks from where I lived and I really wanted to explore it. In order to access it you had to go through private property. Thankfully one of the people who told me about it lived right next to the ravine and said I could come through their yard any time. I had my access point, I just had to wait for the perfect opportunity.

After a big snowfall my roommate Kristi and I decided that it was probably beautiful down in the ravine and the perfect time to go explore. We got all bundled up in our boots, snow pants, heavy coats, hats, scarves, and gloves. I wore my big warm mittens and stuck a pair of thinner gloves in my pocket for the actual photo taking. (It’s really hard to take photos while wearing large fluffy mittens closely resembling boxing gloves!)

Even though we were going a very short distance we got in the car and drove to our neighbors house. (Saving energy for the tromp through deep snow was crucial.) We rolled ourselves out of the car, feeling like living snowwomen in our bulky winter gear. I grabbed my camera with my fluffy boxing glove mittens. They kept my fingers toasty for a while, but it didn’t take long for me to shed them in favor of the thin gloves.

The view from the top of the ravine was just as pretty as the view from the bottom. We worked our way down, taking pictures and playing in the snow. This had been a good snowstorm. It had been a wet and heavy snow, and it was deep. I’m pretty sure I got stuck a few times, which is half the fun!

We meandered toward the creek and tried to get as close as we could without falling in. (When things are covered with snow you’re never quite sure where the edge is.) I backed up a little and was able to get this photograph of the icy flowing creek, trees overhanging the water, stumps patiently awaiting summer bonfires, and the heavy snow blanketing it all.

Once my fingers were sufficiently numb it was time to head back to the car. (It’s also hard to take photos when you can’t feel your fingers…or toes, or face…) The trek back up the hill in the deep snow was trickier than I had anticipated. I fell a few times and had to rest along the way. By the time I got to the top my asthma had kicked in and I could hardly catch my breath.

It was all worth it though, for we had a grand adventure and captured a breathtaking view! (See what I did there? It literally took my breath away!)

And that, my friends, is the story of how I captured The Snowy Ravine. (Click to Tweet!)

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  • beckielindsey
    July 22, 2016 at 6:30 pm

    Thanks for this wintery pic. It’s 111 degrees here in the High Desert of So. Cal today.


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