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The Sprawling Sunset

The Sprawling Sunset

The Sprawling Sunset

The day had grown long, and I was fading fast. A busy day at work had been followed by a fun trip to the next big town over to do a little shopping and grab supper. On the way home it became clear that the sunset that night was going to be incredible.

A few bright rays of sun broke through the clouds it hid behind. As we drove toward work to pick up my car we oohed and ahhed at the changing sky. My cousin and I hopped out of my parent’s vehicle and into mine, quickly transferring purses, books, and bags.

Sunsets happen so quickly I didn’t hold out much hope that it would still be visible by the time we got to my long road home. Sunsets are beautiful there and I held out a glimmer of hope – maybe, just maybe, I could capture this one before it disappeared behind the trees.

Against all odds the sunset held out! We pulled onto the long road that leads to my neighborhood and I immediately pulled over, grabbed my cell phone, and jumped out of the car. I snapped a few photos and hopped back in the car.

We decided we might have a better view from the other side of the neighborhood so we headed that way with camera phone ready. Disappointed, we discovered that the trees were too tall all along the road and we couldn’t see the sunset.

Instead of driving right back home, on a hunch, I decided to drive back around to check the progress on the long road home. My hunch paid off. I had to catch my breath as I turned the corner and saw the sunset. It was incredible!

The sunset sprawled across the sky, God’s paintbrush perfectly stroking the clouds purple and pink underneath the bright blue sky. I don’t know how the sunset lasted as long as it did, but I’m thankful it did. It was another gift from God at the end of a long day.

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