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The Squished Newborn

The Squished Newborn

The Squished Newborn

I had made it through my first winter at the house and as the snow melted and the trees bloomed the birds started making their nests. I enjoyed watching them collecting bits of things from my backyard to create their cozy homes.

I discovered one such home when I was dive-bombed by a robin while walking to my front door. At first I thought it was just a crazy bird enjoying the spring weather. However, each time I walked to my front door or out to the driveway I would be dive-bombed, furiously chirped at, or otherwise assaulted.

It didn’t take me long to find the nest in the bush along my walkway. It was just over my head so I couldn’t tell if there were eggs in it, but by the actions of the parents it was pretty obvious there were.

Once I knew this I started walking by slowly and quietly – as gently as I could. I’d stop to say “Hi” and whisper nice things to the eggs or the adult bird in the nest. Pretty soon the mama and daddy birdies got used to me and didn’t squawk or attack me when I walked past the nest.

By the time the eggs hatched I was able to bring a small step-stool out of the house and take some photographs of the little newborn robins. I would bring my camera with me each time I went outside, just in case a head was visible outside the nest.

One day I lucked out and found the mama robin in the nest with the little ones. The mama gave me the evil eye so I snapped a quick photo and moved on, leaving them in peace.

I love this photo as I can just imagine the conversation between mama and baby bird.

“Aww mom, do you have to sit on me?” Squeaked the baby bird.

“Of course dear, it’s chilly out today and you need to stay warm. It will help you grow.” Replied the wise mama bird.

“But mom, you’re messing up my hair!” Baby bird complained.

“Robby, don’t make me come back there.” Mama bird warned.

“But I can’t breathe, you’re squashing me!” Squawked baby bird.

“You keep squawking like that and I’ll give you something to squawk about!” Said mama bird as she squished down a little tighter.

Yes, it’s true. Even mama birds use that line! And that, my friends, is the story of how I captured The Squished Newborn. Click to Tweet.

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