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A Cactus Flower Crown

A Cactus Flower Crown

A Cactus Flower Crown

The sun begins to set on my final night of freedom. I grab my camera for one last stroll around the neighborhood. The golden light of that special hour ushers in my final hours of vacation.

The evening does not disappoint. Soft light warms my shoulders as I meander from one side of the road to the other, photographing the last memories of a beautiful place.

Elegant palm trees stretch to the sky, silhouetted in the setting sun; short and squatty palms, reminiscent of pineapples; cacti of all shapes and sizes, covered in buds and unique blooming flowers; birds and little hummers, flitting and flying about.

My eyes drew my feet over the small stones to the base of a glorious cactus. Searching for any sign of snakes, I quickly adjust the camera settings and position myself to take advantage of the best light.

Slowly I lean in to capture the luxurious blooms growing from a sturdy cactus. Fine edges highlight the softness of the sleek petals. The setting sun reflects off the blooms, creating a metallic sparkle.

My gaze shifts from a small bud to a wider grouping of blooms. At first glance my northern eyes see roses, yet a closer look reveals the smooth arc of a cactus paddle. The royal shot emerges before my eyes. I ease the shutter closed with the press of a finger. In a moment the memory is captured forever, in my heart and in my camera.

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