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A Desert Delight

A Desert Delight

A Desert Delight

We were going to make it. We had to make it, we just had to! We were chasing the setting Arizona sun and it was imperative that we make it to the special place in time. I wasn’t sure where – or what – this special place was but I had heard murmurings of a hill and a trail behind a store.

My aunt zipped into a parking spot at the edge of the lot. Cameras or cell phones in hand, we jumped from the car and headed up the rocky hill. It was a small hill and a short climb, but my aunt was right. This was a special place.

When I got to the top of the hill I turned to my right and grinned. We made it, and just in time. The sun was dropping quickly and was just over the mountains in the distance. Golden light illuminated the prickly points of the different cacti, making them glow.

While the prickly parts of the cacti were glowing, the cacti themselves were perfectly silhouetted. It was gorgeous. I slid back down the hill to capture a tall cactus in just the right light. It cooperated beautifully and as I climbed the small hill again I wondered where my mom and aunt had disappeared to.

I heard them talking over on the other side of the hill and started working my way toward their voices, taking more photographs of cacti flowers and the setting sun as I went.

And then I saw it. I was so focused on what I was doing that I don’t think I ever heard the water flowing over the rocks. But all of a sudden there it was – a waterfall! It wasn’t until later that I realized we had driven by this very waterfall several times already, but in all the setting sun excitement I hadn’t been paying much attention to where we were going.

I worked my way to the far side of the waterfall and captured the sleepy sun kissing the desert delights goodnight. “Goodnight trees. Goodnight rocks. Goodnight cacti. Goodnight flowers. Goodnight waterfall. I’ll see you in the morning when I come back to shine on you another day!”

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