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The Jovial Bulldog

The Jovial Bulldog

The Jovial Bulldog

Quigley was one of the finest bulldogs who ever lived. Kind, loving, and full of slobbery kisses, he was something special.

Dogs have a unique ability to know what their loved ones need. Quigley was no different. Whenever I felt sick, he kept near. Sitting close, as if keeping guard, watching over me, protecting me. Paw on my foot, chin on my knee, he always loved me.

Such a happy bulldog, you’ve never seen. As wonderful as Quigley was, he had one great flaw. He was terribly camera-shy. As a photographer I found this incredibly frustrating! If I so much as thought about looking at my camera, he would stop whatever cute thing he was doing, get up, and hide behind something.

However, on a rare occasions I would be able to trick him, sneak up on him, or will him into allowing me to photograph him. On one such occasion, he was too lazy to run away immediately. As I photographed his sleepy yawn, his jowls stretched into the happiest of smiles.

This is how I remember my sweet Quigley, happy and loving. I hope you love him as much as I do! True to his nature, seconds after I snagged this photo he jumped off the couch and ran to hide.

And that, my friends, is the story of how I captured The Jovial Bulldog. Click to Tweet!

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