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Poppy Dreams

Poppy Dreams

Poppy Dreams

“Stop!” I yelled as I noticed the small pullover on the side of the road.

My friend Erin slammed on the breaks and swerved to the right as her little blue Hyundai Elantra came to a bumpy and screeching halt.

“Is Johnny okay?” I asked as my stomach dropped. Oh crud, I hope I didn’t just make her break her car, after all, we just named him!

“I think so…”


I jumped out of the car, camera in hand and giddy as a naughty child sneaking a hand into the cookie jar.

I can’t believe this is happening! I’ve waited so long for this day, and here it is. Look at them, they’re incredible! God, thank You for this gift. Not only do I get to photograph something incredible, but the lighting is perfect. Please don’t let Johnny be ruined! Okay Josie, hurry; cars are coming and we’re on a corner. You can do this. Please God, this is my one chance and I have to be quick; please let me get some good photographs!

These are just a few of the thoughts that were running through my mind as I got out of the car and hurried toward the small field of poppies along the road.

Before you think I’ve completely lost it, you have to know that to me fields of poppies are one of the most beautiful things God created. They are bright and cheerful and full of life. They bring me great joy and I’ve always dreamed that one day I would be lucky enough to stumble upon a field of these beauties.

I live in Wisconsin and we just don’t have fields of poppies. I didn’t know North Carolina had them either until last spring when I traveled there for a writers conference. I arrived a few days early and Erin and I had adventure after adventure.

We weren’t far into our drive from the airport to the mountains when I squealed in delight at the sight of wild poppies growing along the interstate. They were so beautiful!

Poppies were everywhere, but they were always along a busy road where we couldn’t stop. Hence my excitement when I saw a small pullover next to wild poppies growing in the ditch.

I completed my task as quickly as possible and hurried back to the car, twisting both ankles on the way. I probably looked like a crazy drunk person to the people driving by, but I didn’t care. I had captured my poppies and I was one happy girl.

I was even happier after I got home and discovered God had answered my prayer and granted me a beautiful photograph, sun flare and all!

And that, my friends, is the story of how I captured Poppy Dreams. Click to Tweet. What dream shots have you captured? I’d love to hear the story in the comments!

Until we meet again,


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