The Glass Tree

The Glass Tree

The Glass Tree

The month was April and spring had come early to Wisconsin. The trees had started to bud and the weather was warm. The landscape changed overnight and we woke up to a winter wonderland.

In typical Wisconsin fashion, it was messy but beautiful. First came the ice which clumped pine needles together into little icy bundles, paved the roads in a slick glaze of invisible danger, and weighed down the trees until they bent or broke off completely. Next came a good coating of heavy, wet snow to tax the trees to their limits and add an extra level of beauty to the landscape.

That morning I went out right away and got some wonderful photographs of the snow and ice in all its glory. However, pure gold – photographically speaking – didn’t come until later in the day.

The majority of the snow had melted or slid off of the ice that was coating everything, revealing a smooth, clear ice that made everything appear as if it were encased in glass. It was beautiful.

I was in my living room hanging out with my mom when all of a sudden the sun peaked out. I don’t remember which of us noticed it first, but we called for the other to come running and see the glorious view out my patio doors.

As the sun came out it illuminated the glass covered trees. Everything glowed and sparkled like diamonds. Really, the only word I have for it is glorious. It was truly one of the most incredible things I’ve ever witnessed in nature.

I grabbed my camera and mom and I spent the next half hour or so waiting for the sun to peak out again and then taking as many photos as possible and exclaiming over and over how beautiful it was.

It was the same kind of shock, awe, and joy that Packers fans experienced last night after that last play against Detroit! (As part owner of the Green Bay Packers, how can I not sneak that in my post today?!)

And that my friends, is the story of how I captured The Glass Tree. Click to Tweet!

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