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Behind the Photo Friday: Striking Beauty

Striking Beauty

Striking Beauty

This particular January day in Wisconsin was surprisingly not freezing. I was having a rough go of it with my health at the time and was lounging around the house when my mom decided we needed to chase the sunset.

“Josie, let’s go! I know the perfect spot!”

“Mom, I’m in my pajamas!”

“So? Throw on a jacket, let’s go!”

Well this is exciting!

I threw on my coat and hat and shoved my hands into some gloves that were thin enough to allow me to adjust my camera and we were out the door.

We jumped in the Jeep and drove along the back roads looking for the perfect spot. There was just a dusting of snow on the ground, also strange for this time of year, and the clouds were thick – with just enough sun coming through to make the skies dramatic.

Pretty soon we found just the spot. Open fields, a barn, a farmhouse, and a stunning tree. There’s something about bare trees in the winter that gets to me. They have a beauty that is striking against the sky, especially right after sunrise and before sunset.

I can’t imagine how ridiculous I looked standing in the middle of the road in my pajamas taking a picture of a tree. However, this is rural Wisconsin and people don’t mind if you’re a little strange. That’s one of the things I love the most about this great state!

I captured the stately tree that stood so strong and proud, jumped back in the Jeep and went and found that sunset. But that’s a story for another day.

And that my friends, is the story of how I captured Striking Beauty. Click to Tweet!

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