Behind the Photo Friday: The Baby Bandit

The Baby Bandit

The Baby Bandit

“Josie, get out here now! Grab your camera!”

“What? What’s going on?” I asked as I got off the soft couch and looked for my camera.

“Just get out here, you’re not going to believe this!”

I hurried into the muggy July air while getting my camera ready for whatever unbelievable surprise awaited me.

“Shhh, you have to be quiet.” I was told as I neared the end of the driveway. My parents and our bulldog Quigley were at the end of the driveway all looking toward my mom’s small pond in her garden.

I moved as quickly and quietly as I could until I finally saw what all the excitement was about.

Oh this is good!

I saw something that I couldn’t have imagined in my wildest dreams. A baby racoon perched precariously on a big rock above the pond. He placed himself directly under the flow of the garden hose and was enjoying a nice shower, cooling himself from the heat.

I say he, but really, who knows! I started snapping away as my parents took Quigley for a walk around the block. As they walked past the pond, I was sure the baby racoon would make a run for it.

That’s when things got even funnier. Much to my delight, instead of running away the cute little bugger decided to hide. Working itself into a small opening between the rocks, he must have felt invisible.

I slowly worked my way to the side of the rocks and saw his cute little face sticking out the hole. I took photo after photo as I slowly inched my way closer. By the time I captured the photograph above I could have reached out and tweaked the little guy’s nose!

Quigley and my parents got back from their short walk and even the heavy panting of a hot bulldog didn’t scare him away. He may have been just a baby racoon, but he was brave. I’ll never forget his intense gaze or cute little face. That was the day a baby bandit stole my heart.

And that my friends, is the story of how I captured The Baby Bandit. Click to Tweet!

Until we meet again,


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