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Behind the Photo Friday: The Superest Supermoon

The Superest Supermoon

The Superest Supermoon

There’s been a lot of talk in recent years of supermoons and blood moons and lunar eclipses. For a photographer, these cosmic events are pure gold.

The date was August 10, 2014. It was the day of the “superest supermoon” of 2014 and I was excited to capture it. I watched the weather all day and was disappointed when clouds started to roll in.

My dreams of capturing superest supermoon were fading away into the starless night. I watched our local ten o’clock news and they confirmed that the clouds were here to stay. We would miss out.

Disappointed, I put my pj’s on and got ready for bed.

Just one more look before bed. I pulled the curtain aside and stuck my face to the cool glass windowpane.

What was this? I could hardly believe my luck. The clouds were parting! I threw on a light jacket and hurriedly stuffed my feet into a pair of rain boots as I grabbed my camera and tripod.

Within a minute I was on my back deck setting up my gear and praying that the clouds would stay parted long enough.

God gave me a gift that night. I watched as the clouds rolled across the path of the moon; it was beautiful and mysterious.

The clouds worked their way across the superest supermoon until it was fully blanketed in darkness once again. Six minutes were all I got, but it was enough.

And that my friends, is the story of how I captured The Superest Supermoon. Click to Tweet!

This Sunday night, September 27th, we have the opportunity to see another unique cosmic event. This full moon, called the Harvest Moon, will be a supermoon and a lunar eclipse and a blood moon. Check out this link for 11 interesting facts about this event. I may be a bit of a geek, but I find it all terribly fascinating!

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